Brew Works

Brew Works at The Commons of Fremont uses only the best hops and grains. We have 12 taps that feature our in-house brewed craft beers as well as select brews and ciders from local breweries. We also have a wide selection of Michigan wines and a full bar, including your favorite domestic beers and spirits.


On tap we have our ‘main stays’ such as Shady Lane, BrewWorks IPA, Red’s Beard, Branstrom Brown, Well Wisher’s Stout, and Incapacitated. The other taps feature a mix of local and regional craft beer as well as a Cider. 


To complete your Commons’ experience, try something from our made-from-scratch menu. The 89-seat taproom has 7 big screen televisions and an outdoor patio with a picturesque view!


Ask about our Mug Club.


Relax and Unwind While You Dine

In addition to our 7 flat-screen TVs, we also have FREE Wi-Fi that you can use when you join us for a drink or meal. Enjoy our live music and other special events. During our summer hours enjoy our 10th Hole Patio!


The Usual Suspects (aka Mainstays) at Brew Works 

Branstrom Brown (British Brown Ale)

Enjoying this easy-drinking English ale is literally a walk in the park (…all pun intended). It has both nutty and biscuity qualities, and is a relatively sweet beer with little to no bitterness. Until the latest style guidelines, this beer would have been described as a Northern English Brown Ale. Make no mistake though, Branstrom Brown, like the local community leader and philanthropist it honors, is both generous and jam-packed with Packer pride.

  • Malts: Pale, Special B, Crystal, Victory, Chocolate

  • Hops: Bittering – Goldings; Aroma – Goldings

  • Target ABV: 4.7%

  • Calculated IBU: 24.1

BrewWorks IPA (American IPA)

Like the hard-working town from which it takes its name, this solid, straight-forward American IPA has an abundance of charm and character. Brewed with Magnum, Centennial, and Amarillo hops, its slight malt character allows enough sweetness to attempt to provide “balance” for this beer. Remember, “balance” for an IPA is definitely on the bitter side. Despite this, BrewWorks IPA’s playful, hoppy touch will leave true IPA lovers with nothing but a broad smile…and a desire for just one more.

  • Malts: Pale, Crystal, Munich

  • Hops: Bittering – Magnum; Aroma – Centennial, Amarillo

  • Target ABV: 7.2%

  • Calculated IBU: 57.6

Incapacitated Ale (Not so Pale Ale)

Rob, our Head Brewer, envisioned this pale, refreshing and hoppy ale, with sufficient supporting malt to make the beer balanced and thoroughly drinkable. The clean hop presence reflects classic modern American hop varieties. It is an average-strength hop-forward pale American craft beer, balanced to be more accessible than modern American IPA’s. As you enjoy Incapacitated Ale, remember the title itself is something of a masterpiece…but not necessarily a goal for the evening.

  • Malts: Pale, Crystal, Wheat

  • Hops: Bittering – Cascade; Aroma – Cascade

  • Target ABV: 5.5%

  • Calculated IBU: 30.0

Red’s Beard (Irish Red Ale)

Fear not, matie, this easy-drinking pint has absolutely nothing to do with pirates…Yar! Subtly flavored, it is slightly malty in the balance with an initial soft toffee/caramel sweetness, a slightly grainy-biscuity palate, and a touch of roasted dryness in the finish. Please note, the following personal criteria are not required to enjoy Red’s Beard: 1) distinguished U.S. Army Veteran; 2) visionary entrepreneur; 3) local boy done good; 4) seriously cool facial hair; and/or 5) ridiculously low golf handicap.

  • Malts: Pale, Munich, Crystal, Roasted, Victory

  • Hops: Bittering – Northern Brewer; Aroma – Fuggle

  • Target ABV: 7.2%

  • Calculated IBU: 57.6

Shady Lane (Witbier)

As its name implies, this inviting light wheat ale, brewed with orange peel and coriander, will provide a welcome respite on a hot summer’s day. Traditionally, this type of wheat ale would be brewed with a Belgian yeast strain, but we chose a cleaner fermenting American ale yeast. Some haze is normal for the style from the abundance of wheat in the mash. However, don’t let it’s sometimes cloudy nature fool you, Shady Lane has a light citrus touch with a squeaky clean finish.

  • Malts: Pilsen, Wheat, Crystal, Honey

  • Hops: Bittering – Cascade; Aroma – Saphir

  • Target ABV: 5.4%

  • Calculated IBU: 15.9

Wellwisher’s (Oatmeal Stout)

Save your pocket change and arm strength, because this tasty beverage requires no wishing well to help change your luck. It is a very dark, full-bodied, roasty, malty ale with a complementary oatmeal flavor. A little like the elements of life itself, the sweetness, balance, and oatmeal impression of it can vary considerably. Upon sampling this dandy, Wellwisher’s will truly have you desiring happiness for others…because you’ve just found your own.

  • Malts: Pale, Oats, Chocolate, Black, Caramunich, Kiln Coffee

  • Hops: Bittering – Nugget; Aroma – Willamette

  • Target ABV: 5.2%

  • Calculated IBU: 36.8



Happy Hour!

Monday-Friday 3-5pm

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